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Why to choose Caramelica?

We believe that the confectionery should be even more festive, richer recipes, unique with ingredients, more decorated. Therefore, all Caramelice products – candies, cookies, cupcakes, waffles – were designed to create a feast for you every day. We are a new company, so it is best to make our products become your delicious pleasures.

More festive confectionery

Our products are designed to bring you pleasure creating a daily celebration. Therefore, all Caramelica products are not only tasty, but also more festive, more attractive, more beautiful design and packaging.

Four technologies

We are a candy company that brings together in one company different confectionery manufacturers experience, allowing you to offer a feast creating chocolates, waffles, cakes or biscuits.

Guaranteed quality

With Caramelica band name we are a new company, but our experience of the staff aims decades nourishing Lithuania and the European people. All of this experience has become Caramelica quality management system that works in the company every day. Quality – our first love, because we love what we do.

Our production

Currently the company produces candies, waffles, cupcakes and cookies. In order to meet your wishes and supply you delicious pleasures, the range is constantly updating.



Muffins – one of the most popular and heavily-growing category of sweets. Caramelica has several decades of experience in baking muffins, so perfectly aware of the tastes, decorations, fillings ang packaging muffins wants the buyer wants.


Melting cookies with a cold glass of milk … Many remember those sweet moments of each of our lives. All Caramelica biscuits are made according to special recipes created in Lithuania, contributed to the improvement of the international Caramelica bakers team.



A simple snack can lift every day. Caramelica wafers we bake for 15 years, so we know how to build a wafer baker’s “masterpiece” in each packet.


This is a classic, which offers a new taste experience. Keep up to date range. Caramelica wizard puts into their products all the love, creativity in thinking, experience and the latest Lithuanian taste preferences.


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TRYS KEPĖJAI UAB      Adress: Taikos av. 116, Kaunas, Lithuania     Tel/fax: +370 37 473846      E-mail: info@3kepejai.lt